dra+landscape design provides conceptual landscape design and planning, single family residential planting, irrigation, and lighting plans, contractor and bidding assistance, and installation observation as outlined by the California Business and Professions Code. For more information regarding Landscape Design, the APLD has put together a handy little summary, "What is Landscape Design?"

Key philosophies in planning and design include:
- sustainability
- form and function
- attention to detail
- practicality
- cost-effective

Services include, but are not limited to:

- On-site consultation- If you're unsure as to what you want to do with your landscape and would like to just get some ideas and basic observations based on a walk-though of your property.

- Conceptual Landscape Master Planning- This would incorporate an analysis of your site along with your own ideas and what you would like to see incorporated into your garden. This can be as simple as a rough sketch all the way to an illustrative site plan, drawn to scale, with supporting graphics and image boards.

- Landscape Planting Plan - A plan would be developed, to scale and preferably based on a conceptual landscape plan, indicating the type, location, spacing, and size of shrubs, trees, vines, groundcovers, and other landscape materials for use in both developing an estimated cost and for installation.

- Landscape Irrigation Plan - Similar to the Planting Plan, the Irrigation Plan would show the type and location off all necessary irrigation components for use in bidding and installation.

- Additional planning including conceptual hardscape layout and low-voltage landscape lighting.

- Development of a cost estimate, assistance with bidding and contractor selection.

- Review of the landscape installation in order to ensure that everything is being installed as specified in the landscape plans.

- Assistance with any city planning, grants, and rebates.

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